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How to elevate our Retail sales

Author : Mr.Sanfan Wang Date : 4/28/2017 6:51:31 AM

 “What’s Exactly LED Writing board?”

LED Writing Board is a evolved version of traditional LED Chalkboard 

to absorb more foot traffic via amazing RGB flashing effects. 

Minimum cost contributes to 7*24hrs continuous sales boost.

“How do LED Writing board work?”

Each writing panel has 7 colored led flash light in the bottom. When 

you connect power supply to electricity, the flash light will 

highlight the artwork you design on the panel, you can add up your 

promotional items, New arrival, stylish stuff , etc. It’s adaptive 

to all kinds of Places, including Restaurants, Pub, cafes, Cinema, 

Boutique, etc.

“Is LED Writing board easy to install & use? ”

It’s turnkey solution for automatic sales attraction, no special 

training or skill is needed. Just put the Flash board to the right 

position and turn on the electricity, then everything will goes in 


“Why should I buy this LED Writing board?”

No investment or bad investment will ruin our business, led writing 

board will cost you onetime in very affordable price with continuous 

business growth, Generally Our lifespan will be around 50K hrs, that 

means at 6 to 7yrs unstopped use. On other hand, our customers 

usually get their investment within One Month---that means you are 

earning extra money with almost zero investment nearly 7 years. 

Faster decision is the faster money earning.

“How to Choose the LED Board?”

1.Notably We have 2 types of models, including Classic and 

Integrated one. Classic model can be matched with different stands: 

V-Stand, Oblique-Stand, Triangle-Stand, as well as using hanging 

chain. Integrated model is easy to use without concerning stand.

2.About size, we have 30*40cm/40*60cm/50*70cm/60*80cm/100*120cm 

option. You can choose one depend on the area size of your place, in 

the most visible position to attract greater traffic.